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Research outputs, money, and stories: The view from BBSRC and EPSRC

Between them the BBSRC and EPSRC fund a significant proportion of the natural sciences research in the UK spreading from engineering, physics, and computer science through biochemistry, to ecology and agriculture. Sue Smart is head of evaluation at EPSRC and Mari Williams leads the parallel group at BBSRC. In conversation ...
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Software Impact – the differences from datasets

In the research world, we're often told that the the only way for our work to have a measurable impact is through the citation of publications based on our work. The mechanisms for this are in place, the stakeholders understand the framework, and everyone is happy... or so we're led ...
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Some suggestions on vocabulary

One of the things that has become clear in discussions with people leading up to the workshop is that the language we use to discuss research impact is a barrier in its own right. Confusion over terminology and interpretations of the agenda behind terminology are a significant source of problems. ...
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A Draft Framework for Research Impact Data Standards

Introduction Organizations that support important research activity, both funders and hosts, must report on the impact of that activity; particularly if they are to maintain support momentum in an environment that is competitive for available resources. Two factors make impact reporting increasingly difficult. First, excellence in research activity means a multiplicity ...
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Draft Workshop Programme

This is the current working draft of the Workshop Agenda. This remains negotiable right up to the point of the workshop. I have spoken to a number of attendees about leading one of the breakout sessions and am looking for a few more participants to take that role on. Feel ...
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A chat with David Kryl of the NIHR

The National Institute for Health Research provides the health research system that supports clinical and translational research in the NHS. NIHR funds research projects and research faculty as well as providing the infrastructure and systems required to monitor, support and optimize the systems that turn research outcomes into changes in ...
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